Our new Charity Ambassadors have been appointed out of some really great applications. This is a whole new venture for YC and we are looking forward to seeing how the new roles develop over the coming year.

Who Are Our Ambassadors?

We'd like to introduce you to Abbie, Helen, Harry and Beth, our friendly, hard-working, positive and committed Charity Ambassadors. We'll be sharing their intro videos on our YouTube channel over the coming weeks, which you can find below. This week we're introducing Abbie Clifford!

For their bios and links to their Instagram profiles click their photos below!

Using their own social media platforms, their aim is to actively spread the word of how great it is to be in Youth Connection Theatre Company, as well as promoting our upcoming productions.


Drawing on their own promotional talents they are sure to keep all of their friends and followers in the know about what we are up to at YC. 

Not Just for Social Media

In the world outside of Social Media, our Ambassadors will also be helping out at our Fundraising events, alongside our other group members. The Ambassadors will be able to provide answers to any questions that the audience members might have, such as news on upcoming shows or how to join!

Stay Tuned!

We'll be keeping this page updated with all the goings on of our Ambassadors, so be sure to keep coming back to see what they've been up to!

To Apply

While applications for this years Ambassador roles have closed, if you would like to apply in future you will be required to produce the following:

Write a brief description, between 100 - 250 words, telling us:

  • why you want to be an Ambassador;

  • what you would do in the role;

  • what social media platforms you use;

  • why you would be good for the role.

Also include an example picture/post/meme or other content that you would use.

Send the lot to youthconnectiondurham@gmail.com

Applications will reopen in 2021 - visit here for more information.

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